Amman Technical Communities and Events WTF

The Boom:

So if you have been living in Amman for the last year, you would have seen a lot of techie movement around; communities’ launchings, sessions and events. Mostly are announced on social media sites like Facebook and twitter.

The huge number of those events every month makes it seem like a boom to a normal person… as they can’t attend all of them, it becomes confusing which one to attend, which eventually leads sometimes to some disappointments for some attendees because they find out that objectives of these events are different than what they expected.

I decided to write this blog post as a guidance for new bios and followers to know “What To Follow” from the Amman communities.

Specialized and Non-Specialized Communities:

First of all, I want to categorize communities in Amman into two categories: Specialized and Non-Specialized Communities.
The specialized community is a group of people who are interested in specific technologies, they focus in their technical sessions on some of those technologies topics, doing a deep dive sessions in monthly/weekly basis into a particular technology stack topics such as Microsoft .NET Platform, the Open Source Technologies, SharePoint Technologies, etc.…

On the other hand, Non specialized community is the group of people who are interested in the “Bigger Picture” of technology topics, such as AmmanTT Community, which is doing monthly sessions every Tuesday talking about a different general topic that is related to the technical world.

What To Follow (WTF):

Now, in order to know more about Amman communities and to know with which community your interests meet, I will list below each community with some details about it, such as : the target audience, social media resources.. etc.…

So all you have to do is to follow the community you are interested in, and you will receive events invitations on a weekly/monthly basis for each user group/community.

Amman Communities Browser:

So in order to view all the Amman Communities, i’ve used the Microsoft Pivot, which is based on SilverLight through the fancy site

Click Here to view the Communities.

Click Here to install SilverLight.


And finally, if you know any new Group/Community around in Amman that is not mentioned here, it would be great if you let me know so that I can update this post to spread the word and get more and more interested people to our communities.


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