InfoPath Designer 2010 Cache Issue


When working with Data Connection Libraries in InfoPath Designer, sometimes the recently added connections will not appear! specifically when choosing the option “Search for connections on a Microsoft SharePoint Server”, and then selecting any previously used library inside the form, looks like the InfoPath Designer is using a cached version of the selected data connection library!



To solve this issue you need to clear the cache of InfoPath Designer using the following ways:

1- Close the InfoPath Designer->Start->Run-> and run the following command: InfoPath /cache clearall

Running InfoPath Designer by passing these arguments will automatically clear all the InfoPath Cache.

2-All the cached files of InfoPath Designer is stored in the following path: C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\InfoPath\FormCache2

To access this folder: Start->Run->%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\InfoPath.

You will see the following folders:


You just need to delete the contents of the FormCache3 Folder, the other folders content will be deleted automatically by the InfoPath Client Designer.


2 Responses to InfoPath Designer 2010 Cache Issue

  1. Amjad Qaddoura says:

    Dir sir ,
    how i can host info path forms in aspx page , im search interbet but all tools for sharepoint , so if some body can help me to host control in aspx page APAS????????

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