SharePoint 2010 For Students–Baby Steps(6)

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<Update 8/5/2011> Just added more tutorials and links to the post </Update>

SharePoint Installation

In previous posts, hardware and software pre-requisites were explained in addition to illustrating some basic concepts such as: What is SharePoint? and the SharePoint Wheel.

Now it’s time to do the installation and configuration, and believe me it’s a very important phase of your journey, if you are planning to become a solid SharePoint Administrator, you should know a lot of stuff in this field; The Administration and Configuration.

Anyway, Before starting with the installation, in our case: the baby steps, we need to take some decisions based on your hardware specifications and specifically the RAM availability because you know what? SharePoint is a huge product, it could be installed on a PC with decent CPU and 3.0 G.B of RAM, and it may need 16 G.B of RAM. in this post, I will talk about the choices you have and how to determine the best option for you.

RAM Availability and OS selection:

In the first post, I’ve mentioned the supporting Operating systems, here below you will find a matrix that would help you in taking the decision:


Considering the following:

  1. 2.0 G.B and 3.0 G.B of RAM is not officially supported by Microsoft, 4.0 G.B of RAM is the minimal requirement to run SharePoint Server 2010 For Development, and in Production, you will need more (8.0 G.B of RAM is the minimum).
  2. If you decided to go with Windows Vista/ Windows 7, you will loose the functionality of the Server edition, because There are two versions of SharePoint, the SharePoint Foundation, and the SharePoint Server. SharePoint Foundation is the free version of SharePoint, and you can start your journey using it, it’s the base of the main product, and in both cases you are going to learn the foundation.
  3. If you decided to install SharePoint over 2.0/ 3.0 G.B of RAM then you have to optimize SharePoint in order not to take so much of the memory and the processing power, we will talk about that later.
Official SharePoint Requirements:

Here is the links for the SharePoint official requirements from Microsoft:

  1. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010.
  2. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

It’s always good to keep in mind these links, they are very accurate, and helpful, so mark them in your favorites list.

Installing SharePoint on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008:

As I mentioned on the first post, and I will repeat it again, I prefer you to start your learning journey with Windows Server 2008 R2, which is the latest version of Windows Server Operating system from Microsoft, but just in case if you want to try Vista or Windows Server 2008  Here are the complete instructions to do that:

Setting Up the Development Environment for SharePoint 2010 on Windows Vista Article from MSDN Library.

Installing SharePoint on Windows 7:

When it comes to Windows 7, Microsoft guys made our life easier by developing this tool “SharePoint 2010 Easy Setup” basically this tool is like a wizard, that will do everything automatically, you don’t need to worry about any thing in the installation, all you have to do, is just to download this tool, and run it, and it will take care of everything including the downloading of all the needed software’s!

If you’d like to read the steps of downloading and running the script go here, if you don’t like to read, just watch this video it will walk you through all the required steps.

It’s a perfect tool, just download it from here and start the installation process.

Installing SharePoint in Windows Server 2008 R2:

I would recommend to watch this video by Todd Klindt, SharePoint MVP fellow, he is illustrating the installation process in a very simple way.

And here is another blog posts series about the installation process only.

I can’t install SharePoint, and I really need to start learning it:

Well, don’t worry in this case, all you have to do is to have a decent internet connection (More than 1.0 Mb) and Microsoft will provide you with an online Virtual Machine with a pre-installed SharePoint Server, that you can access it anytimeSmile:

Microsoft Virtual Labs: SharePoint Server 2010.

More tutorials on SharePoint Installation:

Here below some additional perfect tutorials that will help you a lot in the installation process:


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  1. Mohammad says:

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  2. mohkanaan says:

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    Regarding the other information, I will send you some details by email.

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