Downloading Imagine Cup 2011 Final Ceremony Video Streaming

This year, Microsoft used the Microsoft IIS Media Services with a Silverlight client to stream the final ceremony of Imagine Cup 2011, and the whole video recording is not downloadable, in this post I am going to illustrate the necessary steps to download and save the final ceremony video in a file with .MKV extension. (and these steps are applicable for any other IIS Media Services Video Streaming Based Files)

Required Softwares:

  1. A Microsoft IIS Media Services compatible stream recorder:
  2. HTTP Requests Monitor (Fiddler):

Now you have to download the (ISM Downloader) and Install Fiddler.

Retrieving the Streaming Manifest file URL:

The next step will be finding the Imagine Cup 2011 Final ceremony manifest file URL which will help the stream recorder to get all the streaming bits and save it as a single file, to do this follow these steps in the same order:

1- Run Fiddler

2- Make sure that the option “Capture Traffic” is checked:


3- Run your favorite browser and browse to

4- Now fiddler will start capturing the Http requests that the SilverLight Media Control does, start watching the URL column till you find any URL ends with “/Manifest” as the following:


5- Now you need to copy the manifest file URL by right click on the URL column, Choose Copy->Just Url as the following:


6- You must get the following URL:

If you open this URL in the browser you will find some XML spaghetti as the following:


Recording the Stream:

Well, to record the video streaming you need the ISM downloader and the manifest URL, and just do the following:

1- Extract the ISMDownloader RAR file.

2- Open the Dos Command Prompt from Start->Run-> CMD

3- Change the directory to where you extracted the ISM Downloader

e.g. CD C:\ISMDownloader

4- Run the following command:

ismdownloader “” “C:\IC2011FC.mkv”

Note: the ISMDownloader takes 2 parameters, the first one is the Manifest URL, and the second one is the recorded file name and path, so you can change the second parameter to any appropriate file name and path.

Now you have to wait till the recording finish, make sure that you have a stable internet connection because ISMDownloader is still in beta stages.


NOTE: I don’t know if it’s legal to do this, so you will be responsible legally for any future issues Smile.


3 Responses to Downloading Imagine Cup 2011 Final Ceremony Video Streaming

  1. Hi 🙂
    Great stuff MAS, but the first link in your post, supposedtly for “1.A Microsoft IIS Media Services compatible stream recorder” links to your “Bing Translator .NET Extension Methods” 😉

  2. Hi
    Can share the ISMDownloader? Because the original website has been damaged.Thanks!

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