I’m speaking at Microsoft TechDays 2012 in Gaza










I’m very excited that I have been invited to speak at Microsoft TechDays 2012 in Gaza.

It’s the first official Microsoft event ever in Gaza, I’ll deliver a couple of sessions at two universities.

The first topic is my favorite cloud computing session “Understanding Cloud Platforms: A Rational Comparison” , and the second topic is “Composite Development: A New Paradigm in Software Development Productivity” which is about composing software’s using the modern tools in SharePoint Development Platform, Visual Studio 2010, and Visual Studio Light-Switch.

This Two-Days event will be launched on the 14th of March at Islamic University of Gaza (IUG), and the next day will be at Al-Azhar University, 4 More speakers will be there:

Naseem Tuffaha: General Manager for Microsoft MEA Business Marketing Organization.

Ayman Al-Dahleh: Senior Development Manager at Office Team.

Husni Khuffash: Microsoft Jordan Country Manager

Ali Nimer: Windows Phone and SharePoint Products Unit Lead at MASADER Technologies – Jordan.

I’ve never been to Gaza before and I can’t wait to meet everyone there!


Speaking at Expotech Palestine (Again)



Last year, I spoke at the Expotech Conference in Palestine. They kindly invited me to speak again this year. The speaking tour will start on November 28 until the 1st of December and will take place in four universities in different Palestinian cities.

I will be giving talks about “Understanding Application Lifecycle Management and Custom Development”, “Understanding Cloud Platforms”, and “SharePoint Composite Development”.

So, if you are interested and it happens that you are in Palestine by then, you are more than welcome to join me at any of these events, I will be glad to see you there.

For more information about the schedule; click here.

For the Memory of Gaza… Too Young To Die..


This is a volunteery efforts to create a Web-Based Data Visualization for all the Palestinian martyrs during the last 62 Years, as a beginning we are extracting the information about the 352 Killed Children during the last Attack on GAZA by the Israeli occupation forces depending on the “Defense for Children International Web Site” reports, in addition to the photos if it’s available, and then uploading it to CreatePivot site.

Initially we have uploaded data about 120 innocent children killed in their homes between 27 December 2008 and 18 January 2009.

First of all you have to install the Silverlight Technology Plugin from here if you don’t have it, then you can view the Visualized Information here.


We will continue updating the database in the upcoming weeks as much as possible.

Thanks Mo’ath Al-Araj for the help.

Palestinian Communities What To Follow – WTF


This is a complimentary post to my pervious one about the Communities and Events in Jordan, to make it shortly, i created a Pivot collection for Palestinian communities to visualize the communities information in Palestine such as Group Name, Web Site, Facebook Page, etc.…

Here is some links that will be helpfull:

Amman Communities & Events WTF

Click Here to View Amman Communities Pivot Collection

CreatePivot Site that am using to create this cool visualization.

To Install SilverLight Technology Plugin, Click Here.

Palestinian Communities Pivot:


Click HereTo View the Palestinian Communities Pivot