Speaking at Expotech Palestine (Again)



Last year, I spoke at the Expotech Conference in Palestine. They kindly invited me to speak again this year. The speaking tour will start on November 28 until the 1st of December and will take place in four universities in different Palestinian cities.

I will be giving talks about “Understanding Application Lifecycle Management and Custom Development”, “Understanding Cloud Platforms”, and “SharePoint Composite Development”.

So, if you are interested and it happens that you are in Palestine by then, you are more than welcome to join me at any of these events, I will be glad to see you there.

For more information about the schedule; click here.


I’m Presenting at Microsoft Jordan Open Door 2011



I will be presenting at Microsoft Jordan Open Door 2011 next week, if you are interested and it happens that you are at Amman by then, you are more than welcome to join me and the other speakers at this event, I’ve included the registration link below in addition to the sessions I am going to deliver, would love to see you all there.

1- Microsoft Jordan Open Door 2011 Official Web Site.

2- Registration.

Breakout Sessions:

1- Day 1/ Developer Track, 03:00 PM – 03:50 PM, 1st, November, 2011:

Business SharePoint Apps in Minutes: The New VS Lightswitch Overview

2- Day 2/ IT PRO Track, 04:00 PM – 04:50 PM, 2nd, November, 2011:

Understanding Cloud Platforms: A Rational Comparison

My Speaking Schedule for 2011



So, I published my speaking engagements for this year on this blog into a separate page:


I will be updating the schedule information whenever I have any new speaking engagement.

If you’re in the area and interested in the topics, feel free to stop by.

DotNetArabi The First Arabic Podcast Series



I would like to introduce DotNetArabi, the first Arabic Technical Podcast series, which is organized and managed by Emad AlAshi, a community advocate and .NET expert from Jordan.

Back in March, 2010 at TechEd Middle East – Dubai, I Interviewed Scott Hanselman the well known guru in .NET world, Interview was translated to Arabic by DotNetArabi Team, here is the link for the interview:


Emad Also interviewed me during the first SharePoint Saturday – Jordan event back in February, 2010, and here is the podcast:


Also, here is another interview with me during Jordan Remix back in 2009:


Below, find links to the podcast web site and Facebook page:

  1. DotNetArabi Web Site
  2. DotNetArabi Facebook Page
  3. Emad AlAshi Blog

Weekly Readings Recap #2



This is the second post in my weekly reading recap series, In this week I read and try some walkthroughs in different topics and domains including the following:

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) & BizTalk:

  1. Walkthrough: Publishing WCF Services with the WCF-NetMsmq Adapter
  2. Walkthrough: Custom Message Processing with the WCF-NetTcp Adapter
  3. BizTalk to WCF Data Services (OData Service)
  4. Consuming OData from BizTalk Server using AtomPub


Windows Azure, SharePoint, Office 365:

  1. Book: Chapter 3: Consuming SQL Azure Data [Developing SP Apps using Windows Azure Book]
  2. Video: Developing Custom Workflow Actions with Visual Studio 2010 [Office 365 Video Training Kit]
  3. Blog Post: Using SharePoint REST API $filter to specify multiple columns

Students, Apply to Work at Microsoft! (Deadline Sept 5th)


Note: This is a guest post by Muhammad Arrabi, Microsoft Jordan DPE.

What fuels your passion?

Deciding where to start your career can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting. Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want to do. Maybe you don’t even have a technology background. Fortunately, Microsoft will help you to build a career that evolves along with your interests and passions.

Jump right in to the deep end

That’s a phrase we hear a lot from people during their first week at Microsoft. And with good reason. From day one, you’ll plunge headfirst into engaging, meaningful projects. Your team members and managers will help you get up-to-speed in no time. It’s a thrilling way to start your career—and it’s only the beginning. Now take the first step.

Visit our website at


to learn more about our

Full-Time Software Development Positions

Apply by SEPTEMBER 5th to be considered for our

Dubai Interview Event

October 3-6, 2011

Microsoft Corporation is coming to Dubai to interview for our Software Development Engineer positions—FULL-TIME & INTERN CANDIDATES!!!

Redmond, Washington, USA (CV Submission due by Monday, September 5th to be considered for interviews)

Software Development Engineer (SDE)
Whether you’re creating new code, algorithms or data structures, you are the link between abstract concepts and the technology products used daily by your friends, family and millions of other people around the world. Using your mastery of technical tools, you develop next- generation applications and operating systems, making decisions on design and feature implementation.

Software Development Engineers dive deep into code and work as part of a team of programming experts who solve problems and build powerful new tools. You collaborate with Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs) to ensure stellar product quality, and you provide technical guidance to Program Managers (PMs) as they communicate user needs and product requirements. As a SDE, you dedicate yourself to producing the world’s most advanced software.


· Pursuing a B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. Degree in Engineering, Computer Science or related field

· Excellent programming skills. Experience with object oriented programming languages, preferably C, C++, and/or C#

· Familiarity with data structures and algorithms as well as feature definition, design and feasibility

· Ability to translate technical specifications into working code, and solve complex problems with consideration of the end user experience

Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)

You have an innate understanding of technology. You always know how a program works, even when others do not. You are passionate about making things faster and more efficient, truly pushing software to its limits.

Software Development Engineers in Test are highly technical and you use your technical prowess to build and maintain automation systems, debug and isolate problems and execute creative tests to make sure our software is ready for prime time. SDETs write lots of code—code to test software features and code to extend our automation infrastructure. You work closely with Software Development Engineers (SDEs) and Program Managers (PMs), each contributing equally to the development life cycle. You enjoy breadth in your job and continually look for ways to integrate systems across business groups and products.


Pursuing a B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. Degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or related field.

Excellent programming skills. Experience with object oriented programming languages. C, C++, and/or C# experience preferred

Familiarity with data structures and algorithms.

Ability to solve complex problems with customer experience in mind.

Ability to author test plans and cases, conduct security and stress tests and debug at source level after identifying, investigating and prioritizing bugs.

Important information:

Information on applying, Microsoft Benefits, including complete relocation, US work visa sponsorship and other perks are available at www.microsoft.com/university

University recruiters at Microsoft review resumes with the following topical areas in mind:

1) Academic Record, 2) Relevant Work Experience, 3) Leadership

Please note we are seeking Software Development Full Time & Intern candidates.

NOTE:Full Time candidates must be graduating Dec. 2011 – August 2012.  Candidates with graduation dates after August 2012 would be considered for internships.

Travel & Accommodations will be covered by Microsoft.

Weekly Readings Recap #1


A friend of mine asked me to share what I usually read, So I decided to start a weekly blog posts series recapping what valuable resources I read during the week and at the same time It will help me in saving these links for future.

Below, find my selections for the past week:

  1. A blog post illustrating how to split a large form into multiple pages in SharePoint: http://tinyurl.com/3osco7b [SharePoint]
  2. Tobias Zimmegrens a SharePoint MVP have a very brilliant blog posts series on SharePoint Development For Performance, this week I read part 8: Control that ViewState [SharePoint] http://tinyurl.com/3kcs5z7
  3. What is SaaS (Software As a Service) White paper published in 2001, It’s really important to observe the evolution of such a concept: http://tinyurl.com/27meb3h [Cloud Computing]
  4. “Using Custom Controls to Enhance LightSwitch Application UI” Article in CodeMagazine: http://tinyurl.com/3cu22by [Visual Studio LightSwitch]
  5. Practicing OData with Windows Live Services scenarios by following the Walkthrough: OData client for Windows Live Services: http://tinyurl.com/4x6epeu [Open Data Protocol]
  6. I’ve watched the following Visual Studio videos: [TFS/ALM]