.NET Learning Path For Students

Lately, I have been receiving many emails from students and fresh graduates asking for advice or recommendations about the right way to become solid in the development field – I mean here programming under Microsoft .NET Platform –

So, I decided to write this blog post about my perspectives about the best learning path that I recommend for students including online resources, Books, Tutorials, and some blogs.

To be completely honest, at the moment of writing this post, I totally believe in one thing regarding the educational system in our region (Middle East – Specifically the Gulf and Arab World), That the complete IT educational system is a big failure and it’s killing the talent and passion in any student due to many factors that definitely will prepare the students for unemployment world.

I will begin with the fundamentals that are necessary for any student, fresh graduate, and even some developers in the field, Let’s start with non-technical books, It’s going to help you a lot in preparing your mindset for systematic thinking:

The Art of Systems Thinking: Essential Skills for Creativity and Problem Solving
by Joseph O’Connor

Read more about this book…

I assume that you are familiar with some programming languages such as C++, Java, or C#, and you studied the Object Oriented Programming course, and as usual 99% of students study the OOP without understanding the real need for such a concept, and a big percentage of them finish their class to get the degree without even building a solid understanding of the basic concepts, to fix this I recommend to read the following awesome book about OOP basic concepts and I am sure that you will understand the basic concepts in a very smooth way:

Object Technology: A Manager’s Guide
by David A. Taylor

Read more about this book…

Now it’s time to get your hands dirty with some code, I definitely recommend to focus on C# (CSharp) language, basically because it’s an ECMA (European Computer Manufacturers Association) standardized language meaning it’s a commercially recognized language in the market, and many big names and vendors are supporting it, Click here for more information. This time I recommend tutorials from Microsoft Beginner Developer Learning Center, and not a book:


After finishing the C# tutorials in Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3, you will become familiar with the .NET code and style.

Now it’s the time to understand what you are writing and how things are going on inside the .NET platform, and from my perspective, this is the most important piece in your learning path, and you have to focus here, and read the book that I’ll mention carefully, It will change your career for ever Smile

CLR via C# 3th (third) edition Text Only
by Jeffrey Richter

Read more about this book…

CLR via C#” is one of the most important books in your career, If you read it, understand it, and practice it, you will become a very solid .NET Developer, even if you are a senior developer or architect, this book is one of the must have books, and if you didn’t read it yet, believe me you are missing a very valuable information that can make a real difference in your career level.

Finally, this is a simple guidance in your .NET learning journey and I hope you’ll find this helpful.


7 Responses to .NET Learning Path For Students

  1. thank you, i waited for information like this long time ago

    thank youuuuuuuuuuuu

    very helpful !

  2. Null says:

    had al7ake sa7e7 laken bedon ma ykono altolab excelent fe al english ma r7 yestafedo abdn men had al7ake w e7na fe jordan metdamreen kteer fe al english

    • mohkanaan says:

      This is another problem, English language is the technology language, If the student doesn’t depend on himself in building the required skills to read the technical books, I really recommend to change this field.

  3. Dear Mohammad,

    i want to take the MCTS Certificate or any other related Microsoft Certificate, am still a Junior developer in a software company. but i cant wait 2 years to get the experience then after that start thinking about certification. I WANT IT NOWWW !!
    SO my question to you is , to be a truly certified Developer what is the book that i must read, should i start reading this book first :
    ” ebook_ASPNET_Web_Application_Development_Training_Kit_70_562″

    or this one first :

    Please advice because i want to start reading now and get the certificate.
    thank you in advance .


  4. Mohammad Zakaria says:

    Does the MCTS 70-515 Certificate required a 3 years minimum experience before take it ?
    or i can just study the book and go for the exam?

    please advance, thank you

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